oiled up

Playful Girls

Anita B. and Valentina N.

We all like to play... especially Anita and Valentina... and play they do. These two really like each other and when they get together, sparks fly. All they want to do is be near each other, touch each other, make each other feel good. Thankfully, they both know just how to do that! :) They know each other pretty well and hang out a lot. When you hang out a lot with someone you like and have a special relationship with, you learn about them. What these two have learned about each other most is what makes them feel good, and they love using their knowledge in this area! It starts with some gentle kissing and caressing, followed by some tender licking, and leading to... well, we won't spoil it for you. Let's just say these two sexy babes sure know how to play. Enjoy!

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